vaughn d holloway

Just waiting on my Initiation , can't wait to help out and assist in making Wyoming Lodge number 1 in the District

Frederick C. Fischer

My grandfather, Frederick J. Fischer, was Worshipful Master of Gavel Lodge #703 in 1920. Knowing next to nothing of the history, I did a bit of ‘net searching which lead me to your website. My father, also a Mason (Madison Lodge #33, Madison, NJ) had only told me his father was a Mason, little else.
It is good to know my grandfather’s lodge is still extant, albeit with another designation.
Frederick C. Fischer
Glen Burnie Lodge #213
Glen Burnie, MD

Thomas Schaults

Enjoyed spending time with you all. The Bronx Masonic lodge was very hospitable. Being part of the Pennsylvania FreeMasonary Lodge it's always interesting to meet Masons in other areas.


I was raised in Samaritan Lodge 1075 back in 1970's. Is there any record of my membership that I can recover if I were to become active again in another lodge?

R:. W:. Arnold Auerbach

This has been years in the making.
Congrats to the Brothers who made this happen.

Anthony Rios

Website and information provided in your lodges page looks great and visited friendly.
I just sent an email requesting membership into the fraternity .

Ronald Spicer

My great uncle Bro Otto Wissler was a member of Guiding Star Lodge #565. I would like to learn more about his masonic career. Can his blue lodge or Grand Lodge of NY assist me?
Many thanks . . .RW Ronald F Spicer (Azure Lodge, Walpole, MA)

Oscar Fahnel Mamiwa

I want to join the fraternity

Luis A. Reyes

Hello Bronx Masonic District! I was a Candidate for the Wyoming Lodge before the ending of the previous year. And I am happy to see a lot of you who I have met when I was a candidate in the photos - You guys look great. Also Congratulations on the naming of The Free Mason Way. I hope you fellas are doing well and I look forward to completing my journey.

W,', Roy Pfoh

Hello to the Brothers of Hebron Lodge #813

W.'. Roy Pfoh

Greetings to the Brothers of Hebron 813. I was proud to be an affiliate member of Hebron Lodge until I moved away in 2009 My Grandfathers, and 2 Uncles were members of the lodge and my Dad Robert Pfoh Sr was a Past Master in 1967. I'm very happy to have been associated with such a Great group of men and wish them all the best.
W,', Roy Pfoh

Dawud Daniel-Bey

I would like to be put on the e mail list for events upcoming.


How do I affiliate with a lodge in your district/state without losing my membership in Florida?


Its On NOW.....


We don't need no whistles!!!!!

William F. Huxtable, Jr.

Greetings; I am inquiring to determine if this is the Lodge my great uncle, Harry (Henry) Skevington was a member, and a Past Master. I have a photo of a Lodge gift of a square with his name engraved and the year , 1913. The actual jewel is in the possession of brother Martin Poffenberger, my cousin. I assume that 1913 was the year he was Master. I am anxious to see your history web page.
Bill Huxtable, PM

Mark iglesia

I am from allied lodge 1170

William C Jamieson, P.M. Secretary Richard Vaux Ivanhoe Lodge #384 Philadelphia.

Congratulations on your 100th yr in the Borough and on the co naming of your street corner to "Free Mason Way".

Joseph Zimmerman


Bill Sardone

Great site. Very proud of my mother district. And proud they are organizing DeMolay

Terrific memories and more to ahead in da Bronx

Abbie Capobianco

So excited to be a part of the Beautiful Bronx District!!

VW Edwin Berroa

Great Job on the site my brothers

George S Bockhaus

Going through some family paperwork I found an interesting document. It’s a poster like sheet, showing when my great grandfather joined you’re lodge Hebron lodge Initiated November 23 1905. I’m not sure what A.L.5905 means. Then Passed Dec. 8 A.D. 1905 A.L. 5905. Then Raised Jan. 11 AD 1906 A.L. 5906. I’m actually a brother myself out of Croton Lodge 368 in Carmel my question is would you have any documentation going back that far and what does the A.L. stand for Thanks in advance for any information George Bockhaus aka Skipper or Skip

Jonathan Nuwesra

I have so much respect for what the Freemasons represent and the work they do. My best friend if a Freemason and I have learned much about your work. When I meet others that are Freemasons it is a special treat to me to able to talk about it. Keep up the great work!!

Keshana T Johnson

Ive been interested in joining the order of the eastern star for a long time. Recently I've been more and more drawn to it. Today i found out that my great grandmother and great grandfather we apart of the organizations. I feel more drawn now that I know this, its like its in my blood line and there's a reason why I'm so eager to join.

Carlos S. Gomez

Hello, I’ve always been intrigued & interested in Free Masonary. I’m 23yo, I’ve been happily married since I was 18yo, & I have a 1yo son who actually turns 1 today. My current income is well enough to provide for my family without a problem. Back in my high school days I was a member of a brother-hood like organization called men of majesty that focused on turning young men to (men). It also helped me realize the importance’s of charity work. Now as a father and a husband I’m looking for guidance and development. Im always eager to learn & im always a student first. Im respectful, a men of my word, & very humble. I don’t belong to any specific political party, or religion but I do believe in a higher source. With this you now have some basic information on me & I would really appreciate a response with more information as to what would be my next step. Thank you for your time, I hope to hear back from you soon.
Carlos S. Gomez

Isaac Anim Dwamena

Dear Sir and Brother,
I bring you Fraternal Greetings from Ghana, West-Africa.
I am Bro. Capt Anim Dwamena, a MM of Ogua Lodge #69 under the Grand Lodge of Ghana.
I’m currently visiting my family in the Bronx and would be an honor to visit you as well. Hoping to hear from you. IGYW

Blake Thompson

I am happy to tell you that Pelham Masonic Historical was chosen for the 2018 Best of The Bronx Awards in the category of Community Centers. The Best of The Bronx Award was created to acknowledge the best businesses in our community.

For additional information please visit us at:

If needed for reference - your code is: DKMW-UBKT-S5YY


Blake Thompson
Best of The Bronx Awards

Jim Laverty

Thank you for your hospitality, Union Lodge 40 Danbury CT

Antonio Torres

To all my brothers of Pelham Lodge 712 just wanted to stop in and say hello. I miss all of you. I love seeing all the changes that the young brothers have brought to the lodge.
Keep up all the good work and hope to see you all soon.

Shadat Khan

Greetings brothers, I’m from a UK lodge & will be visiting family in the Bronx over Thanks giving, I would love to meet a couple of brethren for a coffee if anyone from lodge has time S&F

Ramon Rivera

Followed the instructions and sent an email requesting more information and explore joining as an option.
Look forward to meet some of you and hopefully learn more about it!

Miguel Rodriguez

Reason for this email is since a young boy i have had my eye and heart set to be a free mason but never knew how to join.

Hanson Cuthbert

Wonderful job on the website!!!

Enrique Oliveras

Good afternoon.

My names is Enrique j Oliveras.
For sometime ive had a huge interest in masonry.
To me masonry is a form alchemy.
To reach enlightenment and learn the secrets of mortality is one of my biggest goals. Hope to hear from you

Enrique Oliveras

Efrain Hernandez

Great job on the website.

Matty Frank

Beautiful job on the website!

W Gilberto Agosto

Nice job Brother!

Anita Mellusi

Hello, my husband, Joseph Mellusi, was a master of the Wyoming lodge 492 back in the 70's/80's. He passed away on July 1 and his burial will be on July 7th. As he was a mason and master of his lodge, is there anything specific that needs to be done with regards to his burial? I have his 2 aprons, one for the wake and one he is to be buried with. If you could please get back to me with any information, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Roland nowell

I am trying to get some information on my dad who I believe was a member to the Bronx lodge back in the fifties and early. Any information on where to look would be helpful. thank you.

Roland Nowell jr

Luis A. Reyes

Hello and greetings, I've been very interested in freemasonry for some time. I'm glad to see that there is also a lodge within my district area and that it is convenient for me in travelling. I would love to become a member of your fraternity and it would mean a great deal to me if I were to become a member. Also I love the website especially the page regarding the history of the lodge and of the bronx area which is included. I hope to get in contact with you guys very soon. Thanks. And farewell.

Miguel Diaz

I respectfully request a meeting with the Brethren to be considered becoming a member at your lodge. Please answer as I have come humbly knocking at your door.

Miguel Diaz

Always felt I had what it takes to become a better man despite living with my strict moral standards. I guess I just felt the need to come and knock on your door to let you know.


My name is Mykal R. I’m just emailing you to inquire about you guys. I’ve always taken interest in getting to understand the brotherhood. If you guys have something available, I’d love to come check you guys out and get to know a little bit about freemasonry. Please email me back at your earliest convenience.
Best Regards,

Joe Zimmerman

very nice

Diane Walker Howard - Mayor pro tem - The City of Lithonia Ga.

My father Isaac Walker also called - Ike and Deac. and also my Great Uncle - Rayfield Walker also called Ray and Uncle Ray by many; were Masons. I have a picture the name on the banner is - UTOPIA - LODGE NO. 35. I was born in 1956 so it was around that time. At the time we lived at 1317 Franklin Ave, Bronx 10456. My Dad is sitting on the left side of - not sure the GM with the top hat. Then two other Gentlemen seated on the right. Ten Gentlemen standing behind all dressed appropriately. I haven't been able to find a Lodge by this name or number. Thanks for the history.

Carina Vasquez

Look forward to joining OES and getting to know all of the members of the lodge soon!!!


Would like. To become mason

Kwabena asamoah

wants to get in touch about becoming a mason.

randi valerio

greetings and salutation, I'm interested in speaking with whom it may concern about joining the fraternity.

Hanson Cuthbert

The Event's are amazing guys two thumbs up.

Joan Lockhart

While doing some genealogical research I was pleased to discover your website, which lists two of my great grandfathers as Past Masters. Joseph L. Lockhart, 1916 of the Guiding Star Angle, and Arthur A. Barr, 1919, as the first leader of the Master and Past Master Association. Thanks for keeping up the great work. (And we still have their Masonic swords and Arthur\'s apron in our family.) Joan Lockhart, Cape Cod

Edwin Nieves

Great site!

Joanne Shay, M.D.

Greetings. My Dad, Samuel H. Shay was a Mason, and I think he was a member of the Bronx Lodge. He died in 1985, and I know that some men from his lodge came to the funeral and did a ceremony in your tradition. The reason I am communicating with you is that I am putting together a book about his history, and I wonder if you would be able to send some record of his participation. He was proud to be a Mason. Thank you for considering. Joanne

Bobby Zigrest

Wonderful web site! What a great job!

Kevin Roy

Thank you for sharing this website

Jenielson Reyes

Very nice people at the lodge.

Roland Caulker

Great to be here,looking forward to next meeting.

Joseph Zimmerman

The site looks great, Good Job Taz

Gary Markus

Great so far.

Mohamed Kante

Hi,I'm Mohamed Kante,21,and student interested in joining the bronx lodge.
i'd like to know more about the lodge and contact some members of the lodge to who i can show my motives

best regards!!

Johnathan Crucey

Ive been reading about the masonic fraternity for a few years and I also have friends who are traveling men. I would like to become a mason to see the light.

Carlos Pena

Nice site


No need to congratulate me this is a great thing for all the brothers of the district.
That being said thank you my brothers all.......

Brother James Jones Jr


Miguel Ibarra

Great site!

Christopher Nieves

Great work WM

John Martin

Hi Brother
From St. Lucia

Leon Weinstein

congradulations to our web site Lets use it

Antonio Colon

Fantastic job.

Charles R. Serrano

New ideas bring Improvements, which brings brotherhood, which bring COHESIVENESS which bring SUCCESS. Well done and congratulations.

Bro. Charlie

Joseph Manzi

Please include the Wednesday July 19 Charity Ball Event. 6:30 pm City Island Masonic Temple. Special drawing be entered to win a $25 gift certificate (applied toward a charity Ball Dinner Dance ticket). For every Ad you bring in you get an entry

Aug 15 Charity Ball Event. 6:30 pm City Island Masonic Temple
Special drawing be entered to win a $25 gift certificate (applied toward a charity Ball Dinner Dance ticket). For every Ad you bring in you get an entry

Bring your Ads and Boosters

Jay Werner

Hello Brothers

Charles krugler

Good to see the update

Edwin Berroa

Great job on creating this awesome site

Robert Goicochea

Nice, very nice..Finally some improvements.

Taris Delgado

The website is looking good.... Bronx strong, all day long.

James Jones Jr

Hey my brothers, hope all is well! The BX is the best!

Erik LaMarca

The Beautiful Bronx

Richy bennet

Best of luck brother

Bro. Michael Russo

Greetings Brothers!

Anthony B Colon

Hello My Brothers!
Great site Taz, keep up the good work. My illness has taken a toll on me this past 2 years, but I hope to make it out more in the future. God bless you all and Keep to the East!

Frank mercado

Nice job brother can't wait to see it done

Steven Rosen

Good luck with the website

Michael C Jachimczyk

Nice website Brothers!

Emilio Velez

well done I like it

Brother Gilberto Agosto, Jr

Awesome improvement!

Carlos Esteves

Great job!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Marty Wattenberg

Dear Bro. Taz,
So far I think it's great --------Looking
forward to more of this site--may have more info on history of Hebron Lodge-- Marty

Edward Garcia

It's looking good W:.Fuentes. Keep up the great work,
R:.W:.Edward Garcia DDGM Of The Beautiful Bronx Disrict.

R. W. Martin Richards

Congratulations on being selected as the Webmaster for the Bronx District. I know you will do an outstanding job.

Tony Taz

Looking good so far....... :)