BRONX NY, 10464


The Brothers of the Bronx since 1918 have made the pursuit of charity one of our most important Masonic endeavors. In the early years funds raised were for the sole purpose of welfare relief for Brothers and their families. Over the years with the introduction of medical and life insurance it became evident that we needed to redirect our efforts. In the 1970’s the Brothers of the Bronx took on the mission to assist organizations that were bringing economic relief and social programs to charities providing programs to Bronx residents. Our efforts are directed to charities that do not enjoy a national fund raising base and rely for the most part on individuals who are in the local geographic area.

We raise funds through our charity ball journal. We sell Ads and boosters and many months of diligent work goes into the preparation of this journal, the profits we generate we in turn are shared with charitable organizations. We have no administrative fees and 100% of the profits are distributed each year.

The following is a brief list of charities that we support; Calvary Hospital, Trinity United Methodist Church, Grace Church, City Island Community Center, and various Boy and Girl Scout troops. We also run three blood banks during the year, clothing and food drives for residents of the South Bronx, and we run 3 to 4 Child ID programs at Bronx schools, we also hold a holiday party for children in the South Bronx.

Every year we hold a charity appreciation night and invite the charities to receive gifts from our fund raising effort. Our message to these charities follows;
We appreciate your life’s work and your impact on the community and in our small way we hope this gift helps you continue your labor of love. Again thank you for what you do and your impact on the community you service.

Our District message to our brothers is a simple one “If you Care Then Please Share, if you don’t then who will".

We thank you in advance for your gift and may God Bless you and keep you.